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Madurai, a gem in South India, is a holiday haven. It is believed to have been built around 400 BC and was once the capital of the Pandya Kingdom. Famous for its cultural richness and historical charm, Madurai allures travelers with varying interests.

The city is home to a variety of attractions, including temples, museums, and monuments that provide an insight into the culture and heritage of South India. With our diverse Chennai to Madurai Tour Packages, we promise a refreshing travel experience that caters to every taste.

Why do people from Chennai love Madurai for vacation?

People from Chennai have a deep-rooted love for Madurai, as it has immense cultural wealth and unparalleled beauty. Not only does Madurai boast some of the most magnificent temples in India, but it also offers an escape to nature with its numerous waterfalls, parks, and forests.

The city's vibrant markets attract shopaholics with their traditional handicrafts, silk textiles, and spices. Moreover, the hospitality of the locals makes Madurai a welcoming destination for tourists.

Packages Overview

Our Chennai to Madurai Tour Packages take you on a journey through the best of Madurai with a well-thought itinerary. We provide comfortable transportation, best-in-class accommodations, and safe transportation services so that you have an unforgettable trip. Our packages also include visits to popular tourist spots and activities based on your interests.

Why Book with us?

Chennai to Madurai tour packages are carefully crafted to cater to the diverse interests of travelers. We offer a range of packages, including budget-friendly options, luxurious vacation packages, spiritual tours, and cultural experiences. The packages can also be customized with add-on services like babysitting, wheelchairs, and guided tours to suit your preferences. We also provide 24/7 customer support to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Resort & Hotels options with our Chennai to Madurai Tour Packages

Madurai has accommodations suitable for travelers from all walks of life. Our tour packages offer a variety of options, including budget hotels, luxury resorts, homestays, and heritage properties that cater to different budgets and travel preferences.

Popular Sightseeing Places

The popular sightseeing places in Madurai are:

1. Sri Meenakshi Temple
Sri Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

The Sri Meenakshi Temple is a historic Hindu temple renowned for its beauty. It is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, and Lord Shiva, her consort as Lord Sundareswarar. It is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in South India and attracts thousands of devotees and tourists every year.

2. Vaigai Dam

The Vaigai Dam is an ancient and iconic dam built across the Vaigai River, which originates in the Western Ghats. It dates back to the 16th century when it was initially built by King Viswanatha Nayak of Madurai. You can enjoy undulating views of the surrounding landscape, including the picturesque hills and forests. The dam also has a beautiful garden with fountains and an amusement park for children, making it a perfect spot for a family outing.

3. Koodal Azhagar Temple
Koodal Azhagar Temple, Madurai

The Koodal Azhagar Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple was built by the Pandyas during the Sangam period and is known for its stunning Dravidian architecture and rich history. It is among the holiest abodes of Lord Vishnu, according to Vaishnavism.

4. Samanar Hills
Samanar Hills, Madurai

Samanar Hills are also called "Jain Hills" as they were considered to be the meditation grounds for Jain monks. The hills are known for their magnificent rock-cut caves, which date back to the 8th century AD. These caves reflect the unique Jain architecture and have intricate carvings of Tirthankaras and other religious figures.

Activities & Things to do

Madurai offers many activities catering to all age groups and interests. Explore the ancient temples, palaces, and monuments while learning about their significance from experienced guides.

Breathtaking landscapes, including mountains, forests, and waterfalls surround Madurai. A nature walk will take you through these scenic spots while allowing you to reconnect with nature.

From traditional silk sarees to handicrafts, spices, and souvenirs, the city offers a variety of shopping options. You can buy brassware, wood carvings, and handloom textiles as souvenirs. Indulge in traditional dishes like Idiyappam, Kothu Parotta, Paruthi Pal, and Jigarthanda, which are unique to Madurai.

How to reach Madurai from Chennai

Madurai is well-connected to Chennai by air, so you can fly to Madurai International Airport. You can also take a train to Madurai Junction Railway Station to reach the temple city in over 8 hours. A journey by road takes approximately 10 hours via NH 44 as the distance is around 570 km. You can also take a bus from Chennai to Madurai, which is an affordable option.

Madurai has something for everyone, making it a perfect vacation destination for families, solo travelers, and couples alike. With our Chennai to Madurai Tour Packages, you can explore the best of the vibrant ancient city and create unforgettable memories.

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